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Product Details: 1027-P-MK009922

Need a self care boost but don't know where to start? Try the Bucket List!

The Self Care Bucket List card deck is filled with 100 cheap and cheerful activities that you can do to make some much needed time for yourself. Give your mind, body and soul the attention it deserves!
This is the perfect box for you if.. 
... you spend most of your time worrying about everyone else instead of yourself. 
... you have been working from home so long you've forgotten what taking of yourself even looks like.
... social distancing has made you a little more anxious than usual and you need some pointers to feel like yourself again.
... you're looking for a unique gift for your mom, sister, friend or coworker or.. 
... you keep hearing about self care, but have no idea where to start!
Don't worry, this little card deck will have you singing your own praises in no time! So if you're the type of person who wouldn't mind taking some time out to... 
... dance like no one's watching. 
... try a meal from different countries once a week for a month.. 
... organize that drawer/closet you've been waiting to.. 
... listen to an album from beginning to end
If you're still wondering if you should get the self care bucket list for yourself check out what a couple of our customers have said... 
I always think of focusing on myself and when I try to make those plans but then I have the guilt of feeling like I am being selfish and can't push the idea forward. However this box has so many creative and thought provoking ideas that I would have never come up with on my own, and some take no time at all. I love the dividers that let you outline what you have completed, what you are doing and what is still to be done. The first task I completed is doing a social media purge, its like Marie Kondo'ing your life one step at a time. I highly recommend this to people who struggle with focusing on themselves and putting a plan into action. My goal is try and get through the box this year and see how far I have come by 2021. Love this product!!!" - Angela 

Inside this box you’ll find simple and powerful ways to practice the kind of self care that goes deeper than a bubble bath, because that just isn’t working anymore. This box will give you 100 thoughtful prompts will help you slow down and build yourself a more playful, generous, and overflowing life.

  1. The Self Care Bucket List